The Wm. Gaynor Campus Library
Library basics
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  1. Always speak quietly so that others may concentrate on their work.
  2. Be kind to others in the library, including the librarian.
  3. Fill out a library use sheet before coming in.
  4. Be aware that the librarian is not obliged to admit you into the library, even if you’ve filled out the form.
  5. If you need to use the lavatory, use your school’s pass and proceed to your school’s floor.
  6. Once in the library for a period, you may not leave until the end of the period without permission.
  7. Book check-out happens during the last 10 minutes of a period.
  8. Present the book(s) you wish to check out to the librarian or student assistant at the circulation desk and wait for him or her to sign the book out to you.
  9. Books are due back in two weeks.
  10. Computers are for school-related research or writing.
  11. Computer time limit is 20 minutes.
  12. The computer on the librarian’s desk is for use ONLY by the librarian or student assistant at the desk.