Resources related to Iran, the Islamic Revolution and _Persepolis_
Updated April 28, 2009


Iran Chamber Society
This site includes information about the history and culture of Iran, as well as a guide to places, customs, and other information useful when visiting the country.

Culture of Iran Wiki
This Wikipedia entry covers culture in Iran, including the arts, music, cinema, and more.

Culture of Iran
This site offers information and images pertaining to several aspects of culture in Iran, including art, history, celebrations, and codes of behavior.

From Internet Public Library

A Michigan State University site presenting expertise in global studies.

Islamic Republic News Agency
The official news agency of Iran "offers its news services online and a guide to all online news agencies and newswires." In English,Persian and Arabic.

Middle East Research and Information Project
MERIP has been active since 1971. It is a non-profit NGO based inWashington D.C. centered around media outreach, public education, and providing non-mainstream information and analysis on events in the Middle East. The site includes Middle East Report Online, a web-exclusive collection of analysis and commentary about current events affecting the region.

Middle East Virtual Library
"An information portal for Middle East and Islamic Studies. It provides access to online information and to digital records of printed and other offline media and thus supports the concept of a hybrid library for Middle East and Islamic Studies." Featured are the following types of resources: * Special Subject Guide for electronic resources relevant for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies * Current Contents Services for scholarly journals * Virtual Catalogue Middle East * Database for dissertations * Database for conferences."

Pars Times
This site in intended to provide information on the Middle East generally and Iran more specifically. It is indexed by topic and includes sections on Middle Eastern and world news, business, weather, and webguides, on sports and travel. There is a special section devoted to Iran that covers topics such as arts, history, media, news, travel, business, geography, culture, government, and reference materials.

Encyclopaedia of the Orient
A reference tool allowing searches on anything concerning the Arabic World, "built on the idea that improved knowledge between the Muslim world and the countries of Europe and North America was extremely important both for the people suffering from misunderstandings and artificial distance, and for helping to avoid the crisis predicted by scholars for the decades to come." Has frames.

"Al-Bawaba, The Gateway in Arabic, is a comprehensive Middle Eastern portal on the Internet. It provides information on the Middle Eastern economy and business sectors, along with politics, tourism, culture, legal issues, health, entertainment and sports. News items,in-depth reports and analysis on all these topics are undertakendaily. Includes a keyword search facility." The site is available inArabic and English, along with a Business section in French.

PBS Wideangle Resources

Pilgrimage to Karbala
This PBS Wideangle documentary has an accompanying web site rich in resources about Iran.

PBS Wideangle Timeline
A useful timeline from PBS Wideangle

Other Finds

Lots of Persepolis-related links

SUNY Fredonia
A college English professor’s Persepolis resources