British Museum Ancient Egypt Web Sites
The British Museum has some of the finest examples of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the world. Along with the Germans, the British were the first people outside of Egypt to be interested in exploring ancient Egypt’s life, language and beliefs. They brought many artifacts home to Europe.
For our project, the British Museum’s site on Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses site can be found here:

The main British Museum Ancient Egypt site can be found at this URL:

The Cleveland Museum’s Egypt Collection Online
Images from the museum's Egypt collection.
Cleveland Museum Egypt Collection Online

The Metropolitan Museum’s Egyptian Research Web Sites
Soon after the Europeans became fascinated by ancient Egypt, people in the U.S. also began to catch on. Large Museums in the U.S., including The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan and the Brooklyn Museum bought and imported large quantities of antiquities from Egypt. The Met even houses a whole temple. The Met’s page on temple worship can be found here:

Minnesota State University Egyptian Culture Exhibit
Many universities have also had a strong interest in ancient Egypt. Minnesota State University has very comprehensive web site on the subject based on an exhibit they assembled. Follow this link to find a list of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses:

From the main page of the University of Minnesota’s Egypt site you can find lots of other information related to ancient Egypt:

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